Finding Unclaimed Money is a sham

That’s what a lot of people say and in some cases they may be right. There are shams out there when searching for unclaimed money. There are all sorts of companies that will claim to find some amount of unclaimed cash with your name on it. But for the most part they are scams, some of them will try to find you money but they are going to want a piece of any unclaimed inheritance you may be due . You don’t need anyone else to find your unclaimed money, you can do it your self and keep all of your found money.

Every state has their own database which you can search for any lost cash you may have coming to you. That cash could be in the form of a lost 401k or some unclaimed inheritance from a relative or other long lost family member.

All you need to do is to find your unclaimed money database for your individual state and then search for your name in the state database. You will then be returned a list of possible matches. Most of the times they will have addresses where people have lived. If the database does not include an address( not all of them do), then you can use one of the numerous background check sites to find out additional information. Everything about everyone is online you just have to know how to search for your unclaimed funds. Depending on the state you will likely have to complete a form and submit it through mail to the state unclaimed money department in your state. Once you have convinced them the found money is rightfully yours then they will send you a check. This varies by state to state so you will need to determine that by a quick phone calls once you are ready to file and claim your unclaimed money.


For instance the California Unclaimed Money Database will likely have different procedures for claiming unclaimed money that what another state such as Illinois.


This is really all there is to it, so get out there and find your unclaimed money and put it back in your pocket.

Find Lost Bitcoins

With the latest surge in bitcoin related media stories and the wildly volatile price fluctuations in bitcoin price. Many are wondering can a bitcoin be lost and if it can is it possible to find lost bitcoins? Absolutely, the first risk is from the wild price swings. If you buy high and sell low, then your bitcoins can definitely become lost bitcoins to you, but they are not lost bitcoins to the system.

So can you find lost bitcoins? Perhaps.

First we must understand how bitcoins are generated. There is really only one way bitcoins can be created and that is by mining. Mining is the technical process that helps to secure the system and as a reward the miners’ receive a reward in bitcoins. This creates new bitcoins. I guess they had to just create some in the beginning, but now all bitcoins up to the limit of the system which is around 21 million bit coins.

Okay so how do we know how many bitcoins are in existence at any one time. You can calculate the number in existence of who owns every bitcoin because everyone has a copy of all the transactions ever created in the system and thus know how many coins exist.

Not to get off track, but these individual files with all the transactions is actually a weakness of the bitcoin system and may become somewhat of a technical limiting factor. As more people become involved in the transfer of this digital currency the file size of these flat files could get out of control. It is already hindering adoption of the currency as a lot of really slow cable connections and a lot of rural areas are experiencing initial download times of the files in days. This time will only grow as the system processes more transactions. These files are going to get huge, well beyond the size of current hard drives in personal computers. This really will have to be fixed before we can have long term adoption. Sorry for the diversion, but thought this should be mentioned just for context in learning how to find lost bitcoins.

At the end of the day a bitcoin is just a little piece of code residing on a hard drive. Bitcoins are kept in a file called a wallet. Lot of programs name this file wallet.dat. So if you could find someone else’s wallet file, then you can find some lost bitcoins. Actually that would be stealing, since that would require hacking and would not really be right.

But what about when hard drives crash and bitcoins are lost in that manner, what happens to those bitcoins. These are lost. If you can not recover your wallet file, then the SHA256 hash that encrypts the value of your bitcoins can not be decoded. That bitcoin is gone with no way to recover it.

Wait I thought you where going to tell us how to find lost bitcoins? Bottom line is it would be very difficult to lay claim lost bitcoins for your own. It may be possible to set up a computer with some serious hash solving capability and figure out which ones are missing, then try to crack their hash, but you could probably find more bitcoins using that same equipment as a miner and just mine bitcoins for profit.