Wisconsin Unclaimed Money – Property and Funds

Wisconsin has over 145 million in unclaimed money and property waiting for the rightful heirs to claim. Wisconsin Unclaimed money works the same as a lot of the state in terms of unclaimed money. You fist start to search for any unclaimed money in Wisconsin by searching for your name in the Wisconsin unclaimed money database. If you find a match of your name, then you must prove to the state of Wisconsin that you are due the unclaimed property. This involves completing the claim form and submitting it to the Bureau of Unclaimed funds and awaiting their decisions.

Steps for Recovering Unclaimed Property

1.  Enter your name or property ID number in the search field.

2.  When you find a property belonging to you, click on the linked property ID number to start the claim process.

3.  Fill in the required fields with your current mailing address and click the Submit button.

4.  Within 10 business days the State Treasurer’s Office will mail– to the address you provided– a claim form with instructions on what type of documentation is needed as proof you are the rightful owner/heir. 

5.  Follow the instructions, attach all necessary documentation, have the form notarized then mail it back to the State Treasurer’s Office in the blue envelope provided.

6.  Allow Unclaimed Property staff up to 90 days to review and process your claim.  Once your claim is approved, you’ll receive a check in the mail.  If additional documentation is needed, or if your claim is denied, you will be notified by the State Treasurer’s Office.

Hopefully you will be able to locate your unclaimed funds in Wisconsin but following the steps for obtaining Wisconsin unclaimed money.